TAIYI is a technology company that champions virtual clinics and AI research in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The founding medical expert of TAIYI Technology combined medical research discoveries with technology development from silicon valley, created unique smart devices with IP protection. The two AI systems are, TCM diagnosis AI system and Personal preventive medicine AI system. On top of these two systems, TAIYI built the big data platforms -- chronic disease management TCM platform, and TCM research platform.


  • 2018

    Smart Mai-reader iteration and start business cooperation
    Win the best innovative smart device award at China Mobile Contests
    Set up Hardware production line in Zhejiang
    Set up Tongyi Intelligent Clinic in silicon valley

  • 2017

    Clinical application and algorithm research for smart Mai-reader
    Use Smart Mai-reader to improve treatment and health management

  • 2016

    Launch first gen smart Mai-reader
    Sep up Tongyi Clinic in Beijing

  • 2015

    Establish Taiyi headquarters in Beijing
    Set up Tongyi Clinic in Zhejiang
    Launch health management App
    First gen pulse reader R&D

  • 1998

    Fundamental TCM research and clinical practice

Founder & Tech Leader

Dr. Bo Xie

Dr Xie was born in a Traditional Chinese medicine family in Inner Mongolia, and immigrated to the United States later. He has been licensed to practice Chinese medicine in U.S. for 20 years. After following a Shanghan master Zeng Rongxiu as a disciple, he grasp the true knowledge of “The Oneness of Heaven and Man” --- passing from thousands years of TCM practices. He founded the school of “Logos TCM” --- combining pulse reading, herb formula, acupuncture, diet, and Qi Gong exercises, and promoted this TCM therapy to a higher level.

Dr. Bo Xie
Our Team